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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Commissionerate of Rural Development

E-Governance Initiatives

    e-Panchayat :

    Objectives of e-Panchyat initiative is to strengthen e-Governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in the State and build associated capacities of the PRIs for effective adoption of the e-Governance initiative. Under e-Panchayat initiative, following applications are conceptualised and rolled out in the state.


    Captures receipt & expenditure details through voucher entries and automatically generates cash book, registers, utilization certificates etc.Website: http://accountingonline.gov.in

    National Panchayat Portal (NPP)

    Dynamic Website for each Panchayat to share information in public domain.

    Website: http://panchayatportal.gov.in

    Local Government Directory (LGD)

    Provides the information regarding local governments in public domain.

    Website: http://lgdirectory.gov.in


    Assists Panchayats in preparation of Annual Action Plans (GPDP).Also includes separate dashboards for monitoring preparation and implementation of GPDP and &progress of release and utilization of FFC funds.

    Website: http://planningonline.gov.in


    Facilitates monitoring of physical & financial outcomes/outputs under various programmes.

    Website: http://reportingonline.gov.in

    Area Profiler

    Captures geographic, demographic, infrastructural, socio-economic and natural resources profile of a village/panchayat.

    Website: http://areaprofiler.gov.in

    National Asset Directory (NAD)

    Captures details of assets created/maintained; helps avoid duplication of works and provide for O&M mAsset has also been introduced.

    Website: http://assetdirectory.gov.in

    Digital Gaon Panchayat

    A new programme has been initiated to convert feasible panchayats into ‘Digital Gaon Panchayats’. The aim of Digital Gaon Panchayat is to provide free WiFi Access to Citizen, Provide Digital literacy training to Citizen especially on e-Commerce and e-Services. This project is piloted in Khetri Gaon Panchayat in Dimoria Block of Kamrup Metro District.

    MIS of Rural Development Programs

    All three major rural development programs are equipped with strong Information Systems. These systems maintain beneficiary data, photographs of beneficiaries and schemes, vouchers, financial data and reporting system with multiple reports etc. These Information systems also provides for transfer of funds directly into accounts of beneficiaries using Digital Signatures. MGNREGA – Click here to go to NREGASoft PMAY-G - Click here to go to AWAASSoft NSAP - Click here to go to NSAP MIS

    DRISTI - Web based GIS application

    A web-based GIS application, to capture Spatial Data of all the Assets created under MGNREGA, IAY, BRGF, DDP for the Financial Year 2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15 . This project was piloted in 41 nos of Gaon Panchayats in Morigaon District. In this project data was captured directly from field using ANDROID smart phone with a very light weight app.